All rims sold by LDPrestige carry a 2-year commercial guarantee. The guarantee is not transferable and is only valid for the main buyer.

No guarantee will be possible if the rim in question has signs of damage or scratches from pavements or others.

The guarantee does not include plastic accessories which may be on the rim (central covers-plastic screws in the rims outline etc.)

The varnish guarantee is for 1 year. (WARNING: All polished rims should only be cleaned with PH neutral products. Like all manufacturers, no responsibility will be taken for any problems with the polish).

All polished rims should be cleaned regularly, especially in winter, in order to prevent salt damage.

We recommend adding protective wax to the polished rims during winter.

The guarantee for the structure of the rim is for 2 years. We stress that this does not count if the rim includes a flat, a knock or a visible shock.

The manufacture of a rim being industrial this one can contain light grains of dust under the paint or small black dots other than on the visible side of this one (As on the rims manufacturers). No rim replacement may be ordered based on these observations.

To benefit from the after-sales service, the rim must not have received any impact. 

Postage fees for the return of rims to LDPrestige will be borne by the customer. Shipment of replacement products (if the guarantee is agreed) is free for the customer.

Fitting of valves and balancing are offered for the purchase of a complete rim + tyre pack.  Customer undertakes to respect the instructions for installation on their vehicle.  The rim + tyre packs are shipped with perfect balancing having been carried out by a GSP9700 machine.  As a free service, no compensation may be requested from LDPrestige if a vibration is detected.Nevertheless, a balancing check will be carried out totally free-of-charge if the customer makes an appointment at a LDPrestige centre (See General Terms and Conditions of Sale ) (See General Terms and Conditions of Salel )

LDPrestige is not liable if the customer orders rims and tyres not approved by technical inspection, if the rim exceeds the wings due to an increase in size or if a poor load or speed index is selected.

It is important to check the parameters of your vehicle (diameter, width, height, load index, speed index, runflat or not) before placing an order.

LDPrestige cannot be held responsible for wrong orders.

When buying a rim + tyre pack, we recommend that you comply with the following conditions of use:

- When installing the new rims, rotate the rims by hand when the vehicle is raised to check that no elements are in contact (for automatic gearboxes, the gearbox must be put in position N)

- Tyre break-in for 50 to 100 km. During the break-in there should be no significant acceleration or braking. In fact, since the mounting grease is still fresh, the tyre can turn on the rim and thus distort the balancing.

- Adaptation of tyre pressure according to your vehicle. The tyres leave our warehouses with a pressure of between 2.5 bars and 3.0 bars. Depending on your vehicle and engine, you must therefore check and adjust the pressure.

- Check how tight your rims are after travelling 100 km

- Make sure that you have installed the centreing rings (if necessary) to avoid vibration.

WARNING : For rims equipped with centreing rings, the first tightening must be done by hand, nut by nut, otherwise the rim will not position correctly on the hub and could therefore produce vibrations at 120/130 km/h .

We advise our customers to regularly check alignment in order to prolong the life of the tyres and not to wear out certain parts related to steering..

WARNING : If you feel a vibration immediately after installing your rim + tyre pack, do not drive at more than 50 km/h before carrying out an alignment. Beyond this speed, there may be a need to re-balance the tyre in order to correct the tyre defect.

Remember that when you fit new tyres on a vehicle that has a slight alignment defect, it will lead to vibrations.  
Since the internal metal structure of the tyres is new, the latter is positioned poorly with respect to vehicle defect, which therefore causes a vibration.

LDPRESTIGE SARL is not responsible if an application for approval is requested by a non-EU country (Switzerland, Luxembourg etc.) in order to carry out a technical inspection. LDPrestige does not provide a certificate of conformity for Switzerland or Luxembourg because this is not required in France and therefore not mandatory.

For our Swiss customers, you can contact our partner for Switzerland:

Société Fornage, specialists in the sale and certification of alloy wheels. From now on, you can order your “certified” and “approved” LDPrestige rim pack for Switzerland on:

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